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Lockdown Security provides your business with the tools to create a hospitable and enjoyable gathering environment where patrons are focused on their experience, and are not concerned with their safety. Managing the elements of entertainment, alcoholic consumption, and venue occupancies can be complicated and require a staff well versed in local, state and federal legislations that are fully able to diffuse any escalations that may occur. Our management & staff is expertly trained in diffusion methods and has a full understanding of how to use reasonable measures to provide a safe environment for customers and employees.

Navigating venue layouts and identifying breaches in security, will ensure long term success for your venue, this includes any physical structures, adjunct parking areas, and areas adjacent to the physical establishment. Our management team will work in collaboration with your staff to eliminate alcohol induced issues with thorough planning, visibility and venue risk assessment.

Our strategy is to prepare for risk at every stage of engagement from pre-hire screening to neighborhood establishment crime history. The goal is to have a firm understanding of your primary demographic, and to use those analytics to develop a detailed security plan. Once potential problems have been identified, counter-measures will be developed, and our personnel trained in their implementation. Our management will work closely with your staff to periodically review necessary changes or upgrades.

Lockdown Security operates with the goal of collaborating with venue partners to create solutions that promote successful cohesive operations. We’re not afraid to tackle problematic situations and are confident in our work ethic and ability to manage any situation. We’re looking through the lens of creating an enjoyable environment, and providing intimate experiences to patrons seeking a genuine and safe nightlife experience. From a security perspective, taking efforts to implement stricter screening procedures, making minor adjustments to the basic security plan, and adding floor hosts to clear sidewalk and parking areas will make a tremendous impact down the road. With a solidified safety action plan in place, your business is  ahead of the game protecting your vendors, patrons and neighbors.

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